Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's official...we're moving!

One Saturday night in mid June
My hubby and I cozy in our room.
On the Web we searched for a house to buy
Seven months of looking, it's true, no lie.

A new listing we were excited to come across
Call the realtor now, we can't bare another loss.
A bank-owned home that was priced to sell
And everything about it looked really swell.

This house we saw, this house we loved
The bidding war is on and push came to shove.
We lost the bid to someone with cash
Our dreams were gone, they were gone with a flash.

But then we heard there really wasn't any doe
Our bid is back in and here we go!
Our offer was the highest, yes it's true,
The joy in our hearts, it grew and grew.

Praying and hoping everything would work out,
With it in the bank's hands we had some doubt.
We waited for months or maybe just weeks
Our friends prob'ly thought we were really big freaks.

And finally last Thursday on August thirteenth,
WE CLOSED, HORRAY! Before the fourteenth.
And now some remodeling to the house we will do,
A makeover of such, so it looks brand new!

The packing I started and hope to have done
By the time we move, this part's not so fun.
By Labor Day we hope to be in our new home
Hello Glendale, ready or not, and here we come!


Carly said...

Cute poem! Sorry to hear you guys are leaving Surprise, but excited that you got a beautiful new home! No wonder I saw your husband at Lowe's yesterday huh? Getting ready for the remodel :)

Camie said...

I am excited for you!! It looks like an amazing house...can't wait to see pics after you move in...

Chris and Michelle said...

How EXCITING! What a beautiful home. Glendale is such a great area.
We definitely want to see pics inside once you get settled! :)
Happy moving! And what a clever poem you whipped together! :)

The Jackson Family said...

Had i known you were so poetic i would have taken advantage earlier:). Want to teach our poetry unit at school, haha!

Glen and Rachel said...

Yea!!! Congratulations! I'm super impressed with that poem, too.

Amy said...

Congrats on a nice, new home! Will you email me your new mailing address, so we can still keep in contact? A long time ago we looked up in Glendale and really liked that area too.

Sam and Carmin said...

Wow, Bex. Impressive poem. Your new home looks gorgeous--and Glendale's a good place to have your kids in high school, I hear.

Monica said...

Sorry, Becca, you can't hide from me any longer! I FOUND YOU, thanks to Carmin:) But, where is Glendale are you moving? I can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

I am sooo excited to have run across your blog! LONG TIME NO SEE!! We remember your family with fondness, and miss everyone sooo much! We are enjoying life in ID and lLOVE it here! Life is good!! My business as well as my hubbys is flourshing and we are sooo happy!!! SOOO great to see you online!! YAY!! I added you to my blogroll!