Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ella's Birthday

Going through the pictures I realized that I forgot to blog about my sweet baby's birthday. I had her in the summer on purpose so we could always have a swim party and I would never have to come up with any other birthday entertainment, just a new theme. This years theme was The Little Mermaid. Some people think that being pregnant in the summer in Phoenix is crazy, but I think it's brilliant!

Ella was not interested in her cake at all!

Maybe even annoyed.

Grandma and Grandpa Jackson were in a car accident on their way to the party. Oh, the sacrifices they make for their grandchildren. They are okay and Pa's nose has healed nicely! Or at least as nice as it was before.

I wish I could take credit for this but I can't. Ella's very creative Aunt painted this ocean scene to hold all the food.

"Mom what do you have me in?" "Don't worry Ella Bella you look adorable!"


Chris said...

I wish i could have been there! Looks like fun!

Glen and Rachel said...

Ella does look adorable! Does that headband also double as an umbrella?

roymama said...

Dang you guys are cute. I just looked at my blog and read your comment - Justin's parents retired to Eagar which is where he went to high school. Anyway, love your blog! Next time you're on this side of town give me a call.