Thursday, April 9, 2009


Quinn definitely keeps life interesting around the Jackson household.  Apart from his hospital visits regarding his asthma and unforeseen accidents, managing Quinn's food allergies (referred to as Quallergies) is a continuous daily task.  Quinn is allergic to eggs, milk, wheat, nuts and soy.  So what can he eat?  Otter Pops of course.  If mom gets busy and isn't looking Quinn will go on a little Otter Pop binge.  I think I counted 8 wrappers!  But don't worry, each Otter Pop is only one ounce, so that is like drinking an 8 oz. box of juice....right?     

Quallergies also call for a little creativity.  At his sister birthday party Quinn could not eat the cupcakes and mom didn't have time to make his own special cupcake so dad came up with this very special treat for Quinn.  It is an apple cinnamon rice cake with Quinn approved frosting and sprinkles.  Quinn LOVED it!  What a trooper!      

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Sam said...

He is so darn cute!

I was looking a cristies FB page and there was a picture of you on there and I was like wait a second she doenst do FB. Upon closer examination, Haylei craig just used a picture with you in it as her profile pic.

Jason is the only officer for the surprise PD that is ceritfied to do the k9 demos so usually once week he gets together with them and they tear him up!