Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cluck Cluck

Is it funny to anyone else when their child unintentionally curses?  Tonight Quinn was hopping around my room flapping his arms like a chicken and repeating over and over again what, I think, was suppose to be cluck cluck.  Only he was not saying cluck cluck.  I was laughing hysterically.  And the faster he hopped and the more he repeated it the harder I laughed.  


Chris and Michelle said...

Oh no! :)
Last summer I was out in the backyard with Parker and he kept yelling over and over for me to "pitch!" him the ball. I'll let you guess which letter he mixes his p's up with....it was so embarrassing because we had brand new neighbors next door who were out front and I'm sure they heard my 2 year old yelling bad words at his Mom...what do you do??

Glen and Rachel said...

Hahaha!! I remember the first time I heard Aubrey drop the F-bomb. I'm pretty sure she was trying to say "Shrek." Then again maybe not... What an expanded vocab your kids have :)

Sam said...

Thats pretty funny!! When Ashlyn was around 3 we were at Disneyland and Eeyore(sp?) walked by, But when she said Eeyore its somehow sounded like a--hole. My mom and I couldnt stop laughing.