Monday, February 6, 2012

One Year

Well, it has officially been one year and almost one month since I last blogged. I'm not really sure why, plenty has happened since then. A few weeks ago Aubrey came in to the kitchen and announced, "Well, we have all learned a valuable lesson. Size eight under ware does not fit me." As she proceeds to tuck in her under ware to her jeans. Then I remembered why I should start blogging again. My kids say and do funny and cute things and I'm not going to remember them unless I write them down. And when they are teenagers I'm going to need a reminder of how cute and funny they once were. Like the way Ella begins everything she wants to tell me with "Once upon a time". Dailee is going to be 11 tomorrow. ELEVEN! When did that happen? Am I old enough to have an 11 year old?

Some of you probably know from my Christmas card that I am expecting again. I'm due March 3rd. We decided not to find out what we are having just to mix things up a little bit and try to make this 5th pregnancy a little more interesting. The best part about not finding out has been people's reaction. It really drives some people crazy. So, let me know your prediction, boy or girl? People keep asking me what my motherly intuition tells me, but I honestly have no idea. I'm thinking probably girl, you can't really go wrong with a girl but deep down I think I'm really hoping it's a boy for Quinn (and Dave).

Quinn is convinced it's a girl and when I asked him why he said "Because of Grandma Terry". My mom, Grandma Terry, had five girls and one boy. So Quinn just figures he will be the only boy just like his Uncle John. I'm kind of glad he's taking this approach instead of having is heart set on a baby brother and possibly setting himself up for disappointment. Aubrey and Ella also think its a girl, but Dave and Dailee are holding out for a boy. We'll know in about 26 days, not that I'm counting:)


Jeanerbee said...

hey Congratulations! I hope it's been a good pregnancy for you... I'm due with our third coming up on two weeks now... it's a girl for us this time! And we are moving back to AZ this summer (to Prescott though!). Hope this last year has been good to you guys!

Jaclyn said...

Glad to see a new post about your sweet family. Cannot even fathom that Dailee is eleven. I feel like we were just pushing her in a swing at Don and Sandy's.

To answer your question - Downton is definitely worth it. Give it two episodes for a full hook. :)

Chris and Michelle said...

So fun to hear an update on your cute fam! Your kids are darling - the sidebar pics had me laughing. Is Quinn the same age as my Parker (5 1/2), or is that Ella? Gotta be Quinn, right? I can't remember who you were pregnant with around the same time as me in AZ...anyways, I am pulling for a boy for Quinn (and Bishop Dave:). I had two brothers and no sisters and I always felt deprived...I might just have to have one more myself so that P has a brother. Chris tells me it's not happening though so we'll see.;)Can Bishop Dave give him some counsel on that? ;)
Congrats on that new baby! It'll be a fun surprise to find out if it's a boy or girl! (no keeping us in suspense until next xmas;);)

Kristi said...

YAY! After not being on blogger in a year myself, I log on to find you two had a new baby! Congrats! How fun. Post pictures soon. We love you and your family.