Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where to begin??

Well, where do I start. When you have gone as long as I have without blogging it's kind of hard to get back in to it. So it is with a lot of things in life. But my mom, my sister and my kids want me to keep my blog going and they are tired of looking at Rangnar, so here it goes. I have narrowed it down to 6 things I should have blogged about over the past 3 months. I'll keep the commentary short and sweet, unless I have something really important to say like...

Birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays.
I missed 4 very important birthdays. First my father-in-law turned 60!!!!

My dad turned 70!!!!!!

Dailee turned 9...

And Aubrey turned 7 (and finally got the birthday party she has always dreamed of, Chuck E. Cheese).

Easter & March
Here is the fam on Easter Sunday and a beautiful reminder of why we live in Arizona. There are few things I love more then March in Arizona. I guess I was too busy enjoying the outdoors to sit down and blog.

Quinn loved every minute of it!

Road Trip

To The Gila Valley Temple open house...

(Yeah, I didn't get any pictures but I promise we were there)

...and Kartchner Caverns

Amazing place!!! If you ever find yourself in Southeastern Arizona I highly recommend it.

Ballet Recital


And Finally...Dave did the dishes!!!!!

Ok, in Dave's defense he does do them quite often. I just happened to be holding my camera.

So that at least gets me somewhat caught up. Hopefully I'll blog again before September!!


Sam said...

I'm glad your back at it, I've been wondering how you were doing:)

Sam and Carmin said...

So, you missed a birthday. How was your big 33? And while you're at it . . . my big 33?

Katie's Krazy Klan said...

Been wondering how you guys have been. Busy as usual! Cute cake for Dailee's birthday....you're getting good! Glad to see all is going well. We miss you guys!

Jaclyn said...

Dailee is looking so much like Dave. Can't believe how grown-up your kids are.