Thursday, July 9, 2009


Since I really don't want to make it to the TWO MONTH mark of no blogging I'm going to take this very quick moment to update my blog. Obviously, it's hard for me to find the time to blog while my kids are at home. So while Dailee and Aubrey are at a friends house, Ella is asleep and Quinn is watching a movie here is what we have been up to the past two months!!!!

Aubrey's Kindergarten graduation. A celebration of mediocrity (according to Bob Parr). This is Aubrey with her teacher Mrs. Linzey.

For lack of a better picture, Dave took this from the Hotel room during our staycation over Memorial Day.
Dailee had a fever the entire weekend. Poor Dailee, she went the entire school year and did not miss one day of school then, ends up sick memorial day weekend. After all, what would a vacation be without someone being sick?

SWIM TEAM! This is what occupies us for the first half of the summer. The girls swim for the Surprise Swordfish. They enjoy it and it keeps them active.

And finally, this is not the guy from the Mexican beer commercials. This is my very hot husband ready for TREK! Dave has spent the last several months planning and preparing for the stake Trek. Trek was June 17 - 20 and it was amazing. I will blog more about this when I get the pictures downloaded.

Well, we just returned from a trip to Utah and Ella's 1st birthday is tomorrow. Hopefully I will blog about these things and Trek before September!!!


Sam and Carmin said...

Hey, Bex!

I just learned from Tanya that you can't see comments left recently on old posts unless you go looking for them. So you have a whole bunch from me (3 or 4, anyway)to find in your posts. It's like your very own treasure hunt.

Have fun!

Jaclyn said...

That trip of Dave is classic. I love it!!