Sunday, May 3, 2009

Poor Ella

I saw these pictures for the first time when I downloaded them on to my computer.  I guess being the youngest has its disadvantages.  


Jeanerbee said...

What a trooper! I'm coming to realize that being the baby automatically means you are the target for torture =).

Rachelle said...

What a dolly...and a good sport! Your kids are sooo cute!
Thanks, about the pics. I have so much fun taking them, but really it's just about having a great camera and then editing them a little. Hope all is well!

Sam said...

she is sooo sweet!

Hey I talked to Sheree today and she told me to call her on tues and set something up for next week, So I will let you know!

Jaclyn said...

We have recently come across pics of Ryan with pink plastic jewelry on-- they're classic. Dailee was probably just trying to get her in the Easter spirit.