Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

I finally downloaded these pictures of my fist 10k post baby Ella.  I ran it on Nov. 22 here in Surprise.  Dave's job was to get the kids to the finish line and take some pictures of my victorious and triumphant finish.  He got the kids there but I don't see me in any of the pictures.  He got some good pictures of others who ran the race.  935 looks like she is having fun.  I'm sure I came in so fast that he just couldn't get the camera ready on time.  Yeah, that's it.   


Steve and Kristi said...

Good for You! I think I will wait till the weather warms up. Keep it up!

The Jackson Family said...

I can't stop laughing right now, that is hilarious!! But good for you Becca:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Becca! We got your Christmas card and yes I do blog... kinda. I'm not very good keeping up with it. The new baby is so cute! It was so good to hear from you and lurk around your blog.